Best of 2011| A year, a good one.

2011 was successful. Not because of anything I did, but just simply because I became a more free person. I tamed the voices of criticism and skepticism (often my own voice) and followed my vision, I had more fun behind the camera than ever before and produced work that I'm proud of. I still have so far to go in becoming free, it's a daily process and a never ending journey, but it's one that I'm thankful to be on. Choosing these photos was overwhelming. I went through every wedding and engagement session I did in 2011 and I choose images that were in some way unique and made me feel something. After my first pass through I had over 350 photos. After several rounds of narrowing down (and still have WAY too many for a blog post), but these were my final picks.

To all of my 2011 clients, thank you for an amazing year. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you and really do believe (and constantly tell people!) that I have the best clients in the world. You all have made me love my job even more.

I'm so excited for 2012. I'm heading into the new year determined to be more present than ever in every moment in my life and to push the limits artistically in every way I can.

Happy New Year!