Blue Star Donuts Engagement Photographs | Megan + Teresa

This is a beautiful story, this is why I love what I do. 

A couple of months ago I got a call from Megan, she told me about how she was going to propose to her girlfriend, an elaborate plan involving the following: 

1.  Their first date location: Blue Star Donuts.

2.  Me pretending to be doing a shoot for Blue Star Donuts, then at the perfect moment transitioning to taking photos of Megan proposing to Teresa.

3.  A sophisticated set of "lies" to make this all happen.  (Any good surprise involves a good amount of well meaning "lies", remember this.)

I was stoked.  The location was awesome, the donuts too, and most of all, I could tell that Megan really really loves Teresa.  She told  me about how Teresa really likes my work, so she wanted to surprise hire me to take photos of their proposal.  She told me about how she had arranged everything with Blue Star Donuts, so that I could spend time shooting in their kitchen, while her and Teresa waited in the huge line that's outside of Blue Star Donuts every Sunday.  This is love.

I also have to leave a great little note for Blue Star Donuts, they were fantastic and so incredibly kind to me.  When I showed up I was stressed about making everything work out correctly, their shop was CRAMMED full of people, seriously crammed, but they still took the time out to talk everything through with me to make sure that I was able to take these photos, and they were so generous and told me to do whatever I wanted.  Huge thanks to them for their kindness, and also for making some freaking incredible donuts. 

Here's the images from the proposal, as well as some from Blue Star Donuts.  Teresa and Megan share a beautiful connection, and I'm so incredibly excited and thankful to be working with them. 

Thank you so much for hiring me Megan and Teresa!