Willamette Valley Wedding Photographs

I find a lot of meaning in my work, which isn't something I necessarily anticipated.  I was mostly looking for a creative career, where I could have control over my life and schedule and not be limited to a 9-5 Monday through Friday.  Taking photos of peoples lives means a great deal to me now, being able to take photos of people who love each other, as well as they're entire communities, is something so intimate and beautiful, it really fulfills me beyond being a creative outlet.

There's an extra level of meaning when I know the people, and that's absolutely the case with Whitney and Mark.  Whitney works at Red Hills Market (the cafe below my office, and the caterer at their wedding), and I consider the employees there basically my co-workers (since I really don't have any), and I see them regularly and get to know them.  So when Whitney and Mark asked me to photograph their wedding it was a really special honor. 

I'll let the photos tell the story of their wedding day, since that's what I do...


Caterer: Red Hills Market

Venue: Private Residence

Make Up Artist: Kirstie Wight

Hair Stylist: Helen Keaveney

Florist: Dana Schuessler

DJ: Zach Elliott

Bakery: Jack's Bakery

Videographer: Jim Standridge

Officiant: Marshall Snider

Coordinators:  Anna Cockrell + Amanda Thomas

Second Photographer: Emily Gigoux

Whitney and Mark, thank you so much for hiring me, such an honor working with you both and being a part of your wedding!