Coopers Hall Wedding Photographs | Gen + Chris


I experienced Chris and Gen as a force (I'm using that word really intentionally) of love, and from spending a full day with them, I can see that's what they are together in this world.  They don't hold back from people, they aren't afraid to love on others, even their photographer.  What an inspiring couple and day behind the camera for me, it's not a day that didn't effect me deeply, nor one that I'll forget.

Also they wrote down their wedding theme as "Full Moon + Wolfpack", that's enough reason alone for me to really like them.

Gen and Chris, THANK YOU guys for everything and for having me photograph your wedding, it was incredible.



Venue:  Coopers Hall

Coordinator: Kate McMullan w/ Coopers Hall

Hair Stylist: Rachel Lara

Wedding Dress Designer: Lena Medoyeff

Florist: Fieldwork

Caterer:  Coopers Hall

Bakery: Nuvrei

Bakery: Pearl Bakery

Bakery: Petunia's