Miller Farm Retreat Wedding | Daniel + Kevin

Daniel and Kevin are from Indianapolis, but they frequent Portland, and they decided that they wanted to have their wedding in Parkdale at the base of the stunning Mt Hood, so that they could show all of their loved ones the beauty of the Pacific NW.  Part of the story line I was trying to capture was the awe inspiring beauty of the PNW and the reactions of people seeing it, many for the first time.

In super fun fashion, we all boarded a school bus, and headed to two wineries before arriving at our final destination and the location of Daniel and Kevin's Wedding, Miller Farm Retreat.  It was a fun and meaningful day for me behind the camera, I loved meeting Daniel and Kevin and spending the day laughing and enjoying the PNW with them and their friends and family.


Winery: Mt Hood Winery

Winery: Wy'East

Venue: Miller Farm Retreat

Caterer: 80/20 Fine Foods

Daniel and Kevin, thank you so much for hiring me as your wedding photographer, and for bringing me along on the fun adventure of your wedding.