Boise Foothills Engagement Photos | Johanna + Sebastian

The Boise foothills are such a gorgeous place for engagement photos.  As I scouted the area I was in love with the textures and shapes, and the way the sunlight reflects off of the light desert terrain.  We happened to catch a window between rainstorms, which meant that the colors were dark and rich, but we didn't have to worry about our hair, which as a bald man is a huge concern for me.

I'm so looking forward to being Johanna and Sebastian's wedding photographer next year at their wedding at Willowbrook a new venue to the Boise area.  I'm also looking forward to working with Heidi Wight and her team at Ira and Lucy.

Johanna and Sebastian, thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer and for such a fun evening in the foothills.