Columbia River Gorge Wedding | Bee + Col

Bee and I go way back, we’ve both been in the photographer game for a long time, spent many years in the same town and we were even neighbors for a short stint. There is a special honor in being asked to photograph a photographers wedding, and the honor was even greater than normal on this one, because of the friendship and history my family and I share with Bee.

Even just editing these photos filled me with joy, let alone taking them. I’m so sincerely happy for these two and the beautiful love that they share. As I drove out of Hood River early on a Sunday in October, it was raining hard, the forecast showed a break in the weather, but I was skeptical. I almost called Bee to discuss a plan B, but decided that nah, we’d figure it out.

Amazingly the weather forecast was right, and as we pulled up to the location in the Columbia River Gorge, the weather broke for us….for about 30 minutes…after which we were immediately and thoroughly soaked. It was so worth it, to be out there and witness my friends be married, in such a beautiful and intimate ceremony, and the epic weather provided an incredible and moody backdrop, right up until it annihilated us :). Enough rambling, here’s the photos…

Bee and Col, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding, it was so wonderful to witness and be a part of.