Raw Dairy Photographs | Godspeed Hollow

I've been opening my business up to doing more commercial type work (this basically just means taking photos for businesses).  I've taken photos for lots of businesses over the years, but haven't really showcased it, or focused heavily on it, and now I am.  You'll see more and more of this type of work showing up here and on my social media feeds.  I've really enjoyed working with businesses, and my style of photography (which is lifestyle/photojournalistic) works really well for businesses and especially ones that have a rich story to tell. 

Godspeed Hollow certainly has a rich story to tell.  From living in the Willamette Valley for ten years, I knew Bubba and Sarah (the owners) well, and I knew that they had purchased a piece of property in Newberg, OR and were running a farm.  With my background in agriculture (growing up on a peach orchard in Palisade, CO), agricultural work is a natural fit for me, I feel at home out in the country and on farms, and I understand a bit of what the farm life is like (even though the two big farm shoots I did this summer basically reminded me that I'm a yuppie now :)).  I approached Sarah and Bubba about doing a shoot with them and I was really excited that they were down for it. 

Godspeed Hollow is focused on providing protein and raw dairy to the Willamette Valley community.  Behind Godspeed Hollow is Sarah and Bubba and their two sweet kids.  I asked Sarah and Bubba a bunch of questions to try to honestly capture their business and I love what Sarah wrote to me "The intention for Godspeed Hollow as a farm is to be known as a place to be nourished and cared for, find rest and respite and Godspeed on one's journey."  Oof, even just typing that gave me the tingly feeling.  This was absolutely my experience with them, they included me on an amazing meal and hosted me in their air bnb rental.

I'm naturally very curious and enjoy learning about all different things, so I showed up with my curiosity and my camera and learned, witnessed and photographed everything I could, to showcase what Godspeed Hollow is all about.  I loved seeing the ways that they approach their farm and family life, and all of the steps that they go through to ensure that they're producing incredible raw milk and protein.  I'll let the photos tell the story from here, but what an inspiring business and family.