Art of Visuals Podcast Feature

I spent almost a year working as the VP of Marketing for Art of Visuals, an incredible company supporting and inspiring one of the largest communities of photographers/videographers/creators in the world. I was so honored to work alongside the CEO Prince McClinton and an incredible team and help launch Art of Visuals into the digital advertising agency space. Working for AOV taught me so much about building a business, and a different type of business than I’ve ever built before, a bigger one with more people, more clients and more to offer.

Art of Visuals is an Instagram influencer account, but it’s so much more than that, it’s also a digital advertising agency and in my time working there Prince and I brought on and worked with incredible clients, including, Sony Alpha, Adorama, Viewsonic, Peak Design, Holdfast, Incase, Vanguard, Gnarbox, Coalatree, Langly and UAG.

In October I did a podcast with Prince about how I successfully built my photography business and what I would recommend to other photographers looking to build their own photography business. I hope you enjoy listening and I’d love any feedback on it. Here it is: Art of Visuals x Bryan Rupp