Malori & Jon | Engagement

Silver Falls State Park is a really important place to Malori and Jon, it's the place they went on their first date, the place where they got engaged and (most importantly ;)) the place where we took their engagement photos. Western Oregon gave us a beautiful evening to explore and some gorgeous evening sunlight to take pictures in. I love that Malori and Jon chose a really meaningful place to take their photos and think that that will make their pictures even more special to them. I've done a few different sessions at Silver Falls now, and being in a familiar setting I always try to challenge myself to see and use the surroundings differently. Here's what we came up with...

It definitely wasn't warm while we were at Silver Falls, and Malori and Jon had told me that they were planning on playing in the water towards the end of the session. As we neared the end of the session and the temperature continued dropping, I figured they'd change their minds, but they decided to go for it. Jon picked Malori up in the freezing cold water and Malori's flip flops promptly headed down stream. Jon, who has now been named the hero of the session, dove into the water in an attempt to rescue the flip flops. Jon managed to rescue one of the flip flops, which explains the last photo below.

Malori and Jon, thank you for being so much fun and adventurous and being willing to do anything I asked and even more! I had a great evening with you guys and really enjoyed capturing the beautiful connection that you two share.

Happy Monday!