Stephanie & Brandon | A Vineyard Wedding

When another photographer asks me to photograph their wedding it's an honor, and also really scary. Stephanie runs her own photography business Vivid Moments. Take time to check out her website and work! Despite my fears, Stephanie and Brandon's wedding day was wonderful to photograph. They were both very laid back and all of their friends and family were so incredibly kind to us. Stephanie and Brandon have a deep connection that you don't have to look far to see. When you see them together, it's like they've already been married for years and know each other really well. All of these things made for such a fun day behind our cameras for Leah and I.

Seeing each other for the first time...

Stephanie sewed this green fabric into her dress herself...YEA, AWESOMEl!

Their wedding was at Beckenridge Vineyard a gorgeous vineyard in the hills right outside of Dallas Oregon. It was Leah and my first time shooting there.

Brandon is a graphic designer and did all of their design work...I loved it, such organic and elegant design.

Stephanie's Dad tore it up on the dance floor! He is also the first father of the bride that has ever started dancing with me while I was taking photos!

Here's a picture of Leah and I with the couple, I put it in black on white so you can't see how sunburned I am, due to my extreme whiteness. I think my glasses are crooked, but some of that may just be my face :)

Stephanie and Brandon, Leah and I had such a wonderful time at your wedding. All of the thoughtfulness that you put into the details was stunning, beautiful and so much fun to photograph. The connection that you guys share is not something that everyone has so really cherish it. Thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding day!

Leah and I are headed to the Newberg farmers market and if you're in the area come on down! We're trying to get lots of support for it so it keeps going and more and more farmers keep coming.