Rachael and Thomas | Mississippi Wedding

The easiest question we've had to answer: would you like to fly to Mississippi and shoot our wedding at a pre Civil War era Mansion? Ummmm, yes please!!! It's only fitting that Rachael and Thomas would have their wedding at a place with so much history. The two of them are digging their roots deep and building something really special together. From our first email correspondence with Rachael, we knew that we had run across an awesome couple. We have never met two more genuine and generous people. They don't take themselves or others too seriously, and spent most of their time making sure everybody was comfortable and having a good time. Thanks Rachael and Thomas for trusting us enough to fly us all the way from our rainy corner of the world. We were honored. And thanks to all the family and friends who made us feel so welcome. We learned that Southern hospitality is real and we would travel that distance any day for such wonderful folks! Make sure to give us a call if you ever make it to Oregon. Now it's time for all you Oregonians to show Rachael and Thomas some Northwest love in the blog comments.


Special thanks to Brooke with the lovely blonde locks for "introducing" us to Rachael and making the whole thing possible.

Rachael, you are gorgeous!

Rachael's dad had one simple request, he asked that we not shoot the picture of him walking his daughter down the aisle straight from the balcony, getting only the top of his head. So Mr. Walker, this ones for you!

Thomas and Rachael's friend sort of cut in on the cake feeding process. Hilarious!