Abby & John Engaged!

Ever since I first met Abby I've been so excited for her and John's wedding. Then finally this last week I got to meet John, and let's just say I'm now more excited than ever. Not only are Abby and John HILARIOUS (seriously if someone had been there taking pictures of me, 95% of them would be me and my double chin cracking up!), but they are incredibly caring people with a beautiful connection. Add this all together and you get: really awesome people, that are fun to hang out with and to take pictures of. I know, great combo.

I asked Abby and John if they would be comfortable climbing out on this, uh, giant cement mossy pipe thing? By the time I finished my sentence they were dancing on it together, even better than I had hoped for :)

Abby and John thanks so much for taking the time to do an engagement session and for all the laughter and kindness.

Happy Wednesday!