Michelle & Eric | Expecting (Very soon!)

Michelle and Eric will agree that getting these maternity photos taken was definitely an adventure! From the minute we started talking to them in the parking lot, we started laughing and I don't think we stopped the whole time. They are just one of those couples that you want to beg to be your friends in real life. So M & E, this is me shamelessly begging on the internet.Anyway, this session actually took place in two parts, so enjoy!

Part I: We went to Powell Butte and on our way up the hill we were warned by a storybook-like-captain-man about the "squall" that was coming up over the ridge. Apparently the captain knew something about weather because we ended up caught in a serious downpour involving lots of water and hail. However, we got some great shots in the fifteen minutes or so before the rain, and it was worth it all for these priceless ones of M & E dancing in the rain. They were such great sports!

Part II: By this time, Michelle was getting very close to labor, so we opted for the easier terrain at Cooper Mtn. Nature Reserve. We got some absolutely gorgeous sunshine, which is apparently rare these days. We love the way these two care for each other. They are so connected and playful. Can't wait to meet their darling baby girl when she gets here (if she hasn't already).

Michelle and Eric, thanks for an awesome time!