Mollie & Shaun

Mollie and Shaun are world travelers and have already done so many fun things together. I can only imagine all the adventures that their married life will involve. When it came time to choose a place for their engagement pictures, they looked through our post about fun locations and chose to go to the beach. I think it is perfect for them, because it was a place where they could play and laugh, and even have a little excitement when the tide came in faster than we expected. We wanted to be sure and tell you about the two rings pictured below. One is Mollie's actual engagement ring, purchased here in the U.S. and the other is the original one that Shaun used to propose while they were in Cambodia. I love the idea they had to take some pictures with both. I think it really shows the different parts of their life together. Although they're not even sure what part of the world we will be living in next year, we know that Molly and Shaun will take good care of each other and find ways to make everything fun. Even in the small things, like braving the cold, or running through the waves, they were always looking out for the other person and finding ways to connect. We're so happy we got to spend an evening at the beach with them. Thanks so much Mollie and Shaun! We're so happy for you and we know your future is going to be a great journey! Leah