Sneak Peek Wednesday | Part I

Today I was thinking about how impatient I am waiting for my baby boy to come. Nine months can fly by, but the last two weeks are taking FOREVER! So, in the spirit of easing the waiting game for some truly wonderful people, I'm going to do a three part series today. Each blog post will have just one picture for each couple or family. Now don't think that I feel too sorry for you though. Waiting for your pictures is not at all like waiting for your new baby. I win the pity party today! :) This picture is from Thomas & Christina's beautiful beach wedding! I wasn't there on their special day, but I've been looking through the pictures a million times. They are some of the funnest couples pictures I've seen in a long time! Can't wait for the full blog post!

Check back soon for another peek! Let's throw in a giveaway: whichever couple/family has the most comments on their sneak peek post will win an 8x10 of their picture!