Christina & Thomas

I've been so excited to edit these photos. Christina and Thomas' wedding was so much fun, we got such great light and it was at the coast, a very beautiful place. Combine all these things and you've got one stoked (and slightly nerdy), photographer. I watch so many different couples interact in my work, and I love watching how each couple is unique and beautiful. I never get tired of this, which is part of why I love my job so much. Christina and Thomas most certainly have a beautiful connection, they laugh together, joke together, and when they get close they're quiet and joyful together. It was truly a delight to spend the day on the coast with Christina and Thomas and all of their friends and families.

These are the nice guys who graciously let us borrow their giant hole in the sand...A little girl walked up to Christina and handed her this bouquet of flowers she'd been collecting, she was too shy so her mom spoke, "she wanted you to have these..."  So sweet...

Christina and Thomas, thank you so much for having me shoot your wedding, it's been so fun getting to know you guys and I'm so grateful to have gotten to capture the moments of your wedding day.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!