Kelsey & Justin

Kelsey and Justin's weddings was on one of my favorite places, the Mckenzie river, right outside of Eugene. The reason it's one of my favorite places is because shortly after I started realizing that Leah might be interested in me, we took a drive to meet her family and as I was driving she snuggled up to my arm for one of the first times shortly after we drove along the Mckenzie river... This great memory plus the incredible beauty of the river, makes it a place that I love visiting. So when Kelsey and Justin told me their wedding was going to be there, I was more than excited!

Kelsey and Justin weren't messing around with their wedding, it was beautiful, unique and meaningful. Their wedding was at The Eagle Rock Lodge, a beautiful resort right on the river. Kelsey entered the ceremony from a drift boat on the river, and Kelsey and Justin exited the ceremony together on the drift boat. I was lucky enough to have my own drift boat to shoot from, with an excellent captain named Carl, so after the ceremony we floated about a mile downstream while I got to take pictures of the beautiful couple on the river. It was so much fun. If you want to make me happy give me my camera, a beautiful couple and set us out on an adventure...

Kelsey and Justin, thanks so much for hiring me to shoot your wedding, Hannah and I had such a wonderful time spending the day with you guys and so enjoyed watching you two interact with each other and all of your friends and family.

Happy Friday!