Abby & John

Abby is one of the most caring and kind people I've ever met, and I knew the very first time I met her, even though she had just gotten off an insane twenty plus hour shift in her obgyn residency. And John, he's perfect for Abby, he's hilarious with contagious laughter and a personality that will keep you smiling. They both love each other so much, and care deeply for other people and it's wonderful to watch the two of them together. Hannah and I had a fantastic time with Abby and John on their wedding day. They had a host of awesome venues. The Ceremony was at St. Andrews in Northeast Portland. The reception was at the View Point Inn a gorgeous bed and breakfast that looks out over the gorge. We also swung by The Vista House for Wedding Party and Couple's photos on our way to the View Point Inn.

As I got this blog post ready, I chose all of the images I wanted to put up and noticed that it was nearly 100 pictures! That tells a lot about their wedding day and all of the beautiful things we were able to capture. I weaned it down to only around 70 pictures (which is still ridiculous!), but I was just so excited about this couple and their pictures.

Props to Hannah my second photographer (and sister-in-law!) that took Leah's place this season, she has seriously been dominating and doing such a wonderful job. The vertical photo of Abby four pictures down is hers. I've been blown away by the quality of work she's been doing, and she has such a wonderful personality that she's so much fun to work with.

Alright onwards with the photos....

Abby and John, thank you so much for having us shoot your wedding. You are both such inspiring people who are already and will continually be changing other people's lives.

Happy Saturday Everyone!