The S Family!

It's safe to say that this is the earliest in the morning that I've ever put up a blog post. There's a good reason for that, and that's the way that my life has changed since becoming a parent. My time is so much for valuable to me now, and more than ever it's so important for me to have time with my family, so today my answer to getting a little more time was getting up a little earlier. Later today my answer to getting up earlier may have to be an afternoon nap. Here's the full blog post from my shoot with the S family. I always have a wonderful time hanging out with them and little Scarlett always makes me laugh so so much as she's so hilarious and delightful. We did this session at Red Ridge Farms, a gorgeous little bed and breakfast/nursery located in Dayton. You can see what a fun time we had and how beautiful the setting is.

Maryanne, Andy and Scarlett, thank you so much for having me take your family pictures again. As always it was so great to see you guys!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their Friday!