Margi & Jon

This is a really special wedding for Leah and I. Margi has been a friend of ours for a long time and more recently we've gotten to know Jon and he's such an awesome guy. So of course when they asked us about photographing their wedding we were so honored and excited. As you can see Margi and Jon are fantastic together, they make for not only a very beautiful couple but also a really caring and loving couple. I was really privileged to shoot with my beautiful wife at this wedding, Leah was back at my side dominating like she always does. The funny thing is the very next day she went into labor, is my wife incredible or what? Shooting a wedding at nearly 9 months pregnant! Credit goes to her on the beautiful getting ready pictures of Margi, as well as the picture where you can see Margi and Jon's shoes in focus and they're out of focus.

Margi and Jon, thank you so much for your friendship and for hiring us to shoot your wedding. Your wedding was so so beautiful and we were so thankful that we could be there to capture it.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday! Wellington and I went for a nice walk to the fruit stand this morning, and I'm headed out to shoot an awesome wedding in just a couple of hours!