Iris & Troy

Iris and Troy are awesome, there's no question about it. For one, they are incredibly, let me say that again, incredibly, hilarious. Every time I'm around them I pretty much end up laughing the whole time (I'm glad no one is taking pictures of me during that time, otherwise my double chin would surely be making an appearance). For two, they just have so much fun together. While I was taking pictures of the guys getting ready, Troy decided to wear his favorite socks, the ones with red lightning bolts on them, he knew Iris would just think it was hilarious. Troy and Iris certainly made the most of their wedding day and I could tell what a wonderful time they had, both with one another and with all of their friends and family.

Iris and Troy, thank you so so much for hiring me to shoot your wedding. Hannah and I had such a wonderful time with you both.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I've got my first Saturday off in a long time, so I'm so excited to spend it with my wonderful family!