Jamie & James

I was really excited for Jamie and James' wedding, I knew it was going to be awesome. The both live on the east coast, so I met up with them a few days before their wedding. They were both so laid back and kind that I knew their wedding day would be great, as it most definitely was. They had their wedding at the West End Theater in southwest Portland. I loved watching Jamie and James' on their wedding day. They did an awesome job of spending time with all of their guests, while also taking the time for some beautiful moments between the two of them. In those moments I saw the intimate joy that they share with one another and had a great time capturing it.

Jamie and James, thank you so much for hiring us to shoot your wedding. We had such a wonderful time spending the day with you two and wish you all the best back on the east coast.

Happy Friday everyone! Leah and I are headed out of town to spend time with family and take Wellington to visit his Grandparents. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!