Sadie & Gabe

I walked away from my first meeting with Sadie and Gabe really hoping they would book me. Not only were they an incredible couple that was amazing and really loved one another, but their wedding was going to have some incredible style. Combine these two things and you've got a fun day of photography for me! Thankfully for me, they did choose to book me and I was able to spend their wedding day capturing the story of their day. They chose to have their ceremony at the old barn in Memorial park in Wilsonville. They chose it not only for style, but also because the barn has a story that has stood time, and they wanted their wedding to be part of that story. I love that this is the reason they chose the barn. I think this explains a lot about Sadie and Gabe, they are beautiful and have great style, but they're also deeply caring people who know what matters in life. Here's the story that they added to the barn...

Sadie and Gabe, thank you so much for having Hannah and I photograph your wedding. I was so thankful when you guys chose me, and it's been such a pleasure getting to know you both!