Christina & Chris

I knew Christina and Chris were really kind from the moment I met them, but after their wedding I was blown away. Their wedding had one of the most moving toasts time I'd ever heard, they actually had to put an end to people giving toasts because so many people were speaking about these two. Basically everyone in the place was crying, it was beautiful. There was a line from their ceremony that I really loved, sitting here right now I can't remember it exactly, but basically it was something like, "You're the one that I want to fight with." I thought it was beautiful, because after nearly five years of marriage, I know there's lots of disagreements along the way, but it's all part of the journey and it's an incredible, wonderful journey, even though it's not always easy.

Christina and Chris had their wedding in Auburn California, which meant, YES!, Hannah and I got to travel! I love traveling and I love photography, so it was a wonderful combination. They had their wedding at The Ridge Golf Course. Looking out at the course, their was beautiful long brown grass with green trees places among it, which I couldn't wait to photograph the couple in, until the wedding coordinator warned me about rattlesnakes. Apparently there's lots and lots of them there, so we just went into the grass a little where I could easily see that their weren't any little dangerous friends waiting for us.

Here's the story of their wedding day....

Christina and Chris, thanks so much for having us photograph your wedding! It's been so much fun getting to know you both, and we had such a great time at your wedding!