Mollie & Shaun

Mollie's dad summed Mollie and Shaun up well in his speech, "Mollie and Shaun are givers in a world of takers." Mollie and Shaun are an incredible, inspiring couple. When I met up with them for the first time I knew that I wanted to shoot their wedding, partly because it would be beautiful, and partly just because Mollie and Shaun are so awesome. So of course when they booked me I was thrilled, and ever since then they've treated Leah and I (and Hannah on the wedding day) like friends. Their wedding day just confirmed what I've already seen from them, that they are super caring people that are loved by many. Fairly typical of Western Oregon in October, we got a rainy morning for Mollie and Shaun's wedding that cleared up into a gorgeous day (thankfully just in time for us to explore Portland the couple's photos). They had planned on having their ceremony at Tanner Springs Park in NW Portland, but because it was raining (and because they had a great backup plan), they ended up having the wedding at The Paragon Gallery Room. They had a beautiful and intimate ceremony there and then moved to Irving Street Kitchen for a killer reception. Everything about their wedding day was dialed in and amazing, it was such a fun event to photograph.

Mollie and Shaun, thank you so so much for hiring us to shoot your wedding. We so appreciate you both and are thankful to know you guys.

Happy Friday everyone!