Boise Photographer | Neckar Coffee

I am surprised and also grateful that the homies at Neckar Coffee. haven’t started charging me rent yet, because I do spend A LOT of time in their cafe banging on the keys of my computer, answering phone calls, and conducting phone meetings while sitting in the hall way behind their space. I also have a U-Lock stashed in the alley behind their business, so I don’t have to carry a lock with me when I ride my bike downtown, I was at my peak when I came up with that idea, it’s been a downhill slide ever since.

Neckar just got in some rad new Miir cups designed by Ryan Flowers.

This was a quick and dirty shoot, it was less than twenty minutes, but I had fun with the owner Grant and the window light coming in Neckar, as well as their beautiful mural in the alleyway.

If you know me, you know I love coffee, and I was trained as a barista by Stumptown back in 2005, and my perfect coffee day is a black cup of natural process coffee in the morning and an italiano, which is equal parts espresso, equal parts water (and I add a little cream), in the afternoon. I’m sitting in Neckar this very moment actually, wrapping up my week. Neckar is one of the best roasters in Boise and they have one of the most beautiful spaces in downtown as well. If you haven’t been there, hit it up asap. Here’s the photos, sorry all that ramblinig took so long.

Grant and Zoe, thanks for opening up such a rad shop in Boise, and for all the kindness you guys show me.