Eastbank Esplanade Engagement Photographs | Ashley + Josh

We dodged the rain by all of five minutes on this shoot. After packing up my gear and climbing into my car, the rain began nearly instantly. I had a great afternoon with Ashley and Josh. We started out at the Eastbank Esplanade and walked down to the Steel Bridge and then headed up to Council Crest Park to do some shots overlooking the city. The fog was thick and low, so the view was the tops of clouds instead of the buildings of downtown, but it was no less impressive.

Josh and Ashley, thanks for such a fun afternoon and I'm so looking forward to shooting your guys' wedding this next summer!


OMSI Engagement Photographs | Ashley + Vince

I had such a great time with Ashley and Vince and am beyond stoked to shoot their wedding this next year. They are a super fun couple. For their engagement shoot we went to OMSI and when it wasn't raining we stepped out onto the Eastside Esplanade.

Ashley and Vince, thanks so much for doing this engagement session with me, so great hanging out with you guys and I'm really excited for your wedding!


The Long Farm Barn Engagement Photographs | Jamie + Josh

This was one of those engagement sessions where I walked away so excited to be working with Jamie and Josh and really grateful I'll be shooting their wedding at The Long Farm Barn this next summer. We started out at Memorial Park in Wilsonville and finished up at their venue on a gorgeous fall evening.

Jamie and Josh, thank you so much for doing this shoot with me, so great meeting you both and I'm really excited for your wedding.