Canon 5D Mark III | For Sale

Alright, I’m selling one of my . two beloved Canon 5D Mk III’s. These cameras are absolute beasts, and have served me so incredibly well, the only reason I’m selling one of them is because I’m doing more and more video work and I needed a camera with incredible autofocus for video (see my EOS R unboxing here).

If you know me, you know I take incredible care of my equipment,. neither camera has ever been dropped or handled roughly, I’ve kept both sensors clean, and the cameras are always, always stored in cases. I also use rain gear if I ever shoot in rain, and even though I know these cameras are “water resistant” I just can’t ever risk it, I rely too heavily on my equipment to break it due to it getting wet.

One of the cameras is my main camera body, it has some brassing (where the metal in the camera body shows, this is just from it being held a lot), has been used a lot, but taken very good care of and functions perfectly in every way.

The majority of the photos you see on this site were taken on my main camera body.

The second camera I have is my backup camera and has really only been used a handful of times and is in almost new condition. If you’re interested, email me at, or shoot me a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Here’s some photos of both cameras: