Canon EOS R Wedding Photography | Unboxing

On this episode of materialism Monday-

I just bought the Canon EOS R. Considering that I was trash talking it (albeit while knowing nothing about it) when it was initially released in October 2018, I was a bit humbled to be dropping my money on it. I've started doing a lot more video work, and I absolutely love it. It’s so inspiring to me to be able to implement what I love about still images and compliment it with motion and audio (insert tingly feeling), I love it.

So this all started when my mother in law asked me if I could video a project for her. I responded, “Uh, sure, just so you know I don’t know how to actually do that, but I do have all the right stuff to do it, I’m in.” So I started researching how to shoot video on my 5D Mk III’s, how to record high quality audio and I purchased a set of super rad and cheap LED Video Lights, and I was off.

The project for my mother-in-law was really simple, which is part of why I felt so confident taking it on with literally no video experience, but it was simply filming an online course where she and her business partner share the unique curriculum the’ve come up with based on their life and career experiences. From a creative perspective, it’s not the most exciting content to create, I use my two Canon 5D Mk III’s, on tripods, I use my Canon 50mm F1.2L on camera one and it captures both people, and then I run my Canon 135mm F2L on camera two and pan it between the two of them, but regardless, after being a professional photographer for over twelve years, capturing content with motion, movement and audio, was super inspiring to me, and I knew I was hooked. Actually, to show how ridiculous I am, after that day I texted several people saying, “How much is video rehab, because I can already tell I’m addicted :)”.


Thanks for reading!