Palisade Colorado Wedding | Marcy + Mark Part One

(Note, I selected WAY too many photos for the blog post so I had to do it in two posts, this is part 1, keep scrolling for part two)

This was a really special wedding for me because Marcy was one of my friends from high school, back in my hometown of Palisade, Colorado. I was so honored that Marcy and Mark brought me back to Palisade to photograph their wedding, and I was so inspired to be back in my hometown, I hadn’t been back in 6 years. Sitting at the base of the sandstone cliffs, and in the rows of the peach orchards, so much of my history and life came back to me, and it was really special to be there and see both people and places that I love.

But this is a post about Marcy and Marks’ wedding, not my childhood in Western Colorado. Marcy and Mark have a genuine and beautiful connection, I loved watching them and was so happy for them. Another special aspect of this wedding was that it was on Marcy’s families peach orchard, and I also grew up farming peaches (Palisade peaches are the best!!!!). Their wedding was on Marcy’s families property, where we used to hang out, and swim in the canal and I thought it was so much fun that Marcy and her friends swam in the canal before the wedding, just like we did back in the day.

You can tell this was a really special wedding to me, it always brings another dimension to my work when I take photos for someone I know and love, and this was a really inspiring day behind the camera. Here’s the photos:


Rentals: Elite Events

Photobooth: Boothshakalaka

Florist: Blue Door Farm

Wedding Dress Designer + Boutique: BHLDN