Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding

Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding Photographs

Wintertime is always a bit slower for photographers.  It’s never as slow as I think it’s going to be, but given the busy nature of our summers, it’s important to have a slower season to help balance the year out.  I’ve been reviewing my work from over the years, and it’s been really fun to look back over it all and remember all the places I’ve been and I’ll the people I’ve shared such beautiful days with. I’m going to do some blog posts highlighting some of my favorite venues in the Pacific NW, including photos I’ve taken at the venues over the years.  The first venue that came to mind is Mt Hood Organic Farms, it’s at the top of my list for my favorite PNW Venues, and heres’ why.

It is literally the best view of Mt Hood I’ve seen.  This is part of why Mt Hood Organic Farms is at the top of my list for my very favorite venues in the Pacific Northwest.

It sits on the elevated front porch of Mt Hood, and stares the mountain directly in the eyes.  I’ve been photographing weddings there since 2011, and even after all the days I’ve spent behind the camera there, I still bask in the view of the mountain, watching the clouds come and go and the way the light illuminates the giant triangle poking up out of the earth.  The view never gets old.

Yes, the view is breathtaking, it will inspires and entertains me all day.  But even better than the view, is that Mt Hood Organic Farms is all heart.  The owners and staff strive to make every element of the venue it’s very best, and are constantly improving on that which seems un-improvable.  This includes the food they serve, the way events flow, and the structures and areas of the venue where things take place.

I always show up early to all of my weddings, and occasionally I’ll catch one of the owners, John and I love listening to him talk about his plans for the Apple House, which are a combination of design/aesthetic and meaningful story/history, it’s fun to hear him talk about it, because you can tell it’s something he really cares about.

As a photographer I approach all of my work from the perspective of my clients, I want them to have an incredible time.  Having everyone you love in one place on one day is something really special and rare.  I know that if my clients have a great time, that will show up in their photos.  That being said, part of what I love about Mt Hood Organic Farms is that they handle the client experience so well.  Their staff is incredible, Cassandra and her coordinating team coordinate the day effectively and efficiently, while remaining flexible and lighthearted, a combination that I strive for myself and appreciate in them.  Ginger, their cook is literally the only cook I’ve seen get a standing ovation at a wedding, and her food and attention to detail is absolutely worthy of that.   

Mt Hood Organic Farms is the culmination of a bunch of things I love in one venue.  Mountains,  textures, awesome people, great food and drinks, and I’m already looking forward to shooting there again this summer.

Here’s some of my favorite images from Mt Hood Organic Farms from over the years I’ve been photographing wedding there, (and to get a feel for Mt Hood Organic Farms through a video, click here to view a film from Mt Hood Organic Farms by Watertown Films):

Best of 2017

Today I went through all of my 2017 weddings, and wow what a year.  It was fun to go through and relive my year, all the different places and people, and tiny moments at each wedding.  I choose these images, because they're unique, or stand out to me for some reason, this doesn't mean that they're the most beautiful images I took necessarily, but it means they have some element beyond just a pretty picture. 

Initially I chose over 400 images, but had to narrow down to 250 for a single blog post on squarespace.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me to photograph their wedding this year, and also to all of my 2018 clients, I'm so looking forward to another great year. 

Happy New Year!

Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding Photographs | Olivia + Alex

I thoroughly and sincerely enjoyed these two, and instantly at that.  There's certain people that you just instantly feel comfortable around, and that was for sure Olivia and Alex.   It was such a special and beautiful day, full of love and meaning, I was never lacking something beautiful or meaningful to photograph.  I love the range of emotion in these photos, and how much fun their reception was.


Venue:  Mt Hood Organic Farms

Coordinator: Cassandra Cass

Hair Stylist/Salon: Blossom & Beauty

Wedding Dress Designer: Rue de Seine

Wedding Dress Boutique: Alice in Ivory

Florist: Tammy's Floral

Caterer: Cultivate Catering

DJ: Stumptown DJ's

Bakery: Fleur Cakes

Second Photographer: Sarah Danielle Photography

Olivia and Alex, so so wonderful working with you both, thank you for having me and for all of the laughs.