Portland Winter Wedding

The Sentinel Portland Wedding | Katie + Ron

I spent an incredible day with Katie and Ron at The Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland, photographing their wedding.  We were in luck, and the February Portland sky cleared for us, and we had some beautiful sunlight (that I as a nerdy photographer, was stoked out of my mind about), that brought some magic to their wedding photographs.

The joy between these two was tangible, I could feel it, and I think you can feel it in these pictures.  If you can't let me know, so I can check my "feel-o-meter", it can get a bit out of whack.


Venue: The Sentinel Hotel

Coordinator: Kara Brandon w/ Axe and Wedge Events

Florist: Kara Brandon w/ Axe and Wedge Events

Caterer: Jake's Catering

Bakery: Just a Dash

Second Photographer: Emily Gigoux

Katie and Ron, thank you so much for hiring me, it was so wonderful working with you both and witnessing the joy of your guy's wedding, it was truly inspiring.


Gerding Theater Wedding | Makenzie + James

I feel really confident saying that Makenzie and James had a fantastic time at their wedding.  I watched them have a blast all day long, laughing together, being silly, and sharing joyfully in the entirety of their wedding day.  It was really beautiful to see them so connected to each other and so together, on a day that can be full of distractions.  It made the day great for me, and I had fun capturing the story of their wedding.  Their wedding also had a dancing chicken for a portion of the dance party, and anytime you have a dancing chicken at your wedding, you've already won.


Ceremony + Reception Venue: Gerding Theater at the Armory

Wedding Dress Boutique:  Bridal Exclusives

Caterer:  Food in Bloom

DJ: Ron Rouse

Bakery: Thriftway

Second Photographer: Madeline Metcalf

Makenzie and James, such a pleasure and honor to work with you guys and photograph your wedding.  Thanks so much for choosing me!


Oregon City Wedding

It is humbling and inspiring to be around people with such apparent love as April and John.  It's beautiful, it's more than beautiful, it's amazing.  I left their wedding feeling so inspired about love and life, and being that I was merely their wedding photographer, that's a huge testament to this wonderful couple.  I have so much more that I would love to say about this wedding and couple, including the warm atmosphere, the gumbo made by John, but I'm running a little late for getting home, and I've got two beautiful kids waiting for me, so I'll just let the photos do the talking. 

Venue:  Their amazing home!

Hair Stylist:  Nicole Torrey w/ London Influence

Dress Designer: Lena Medoyeff

Caterer: Pepper & Salt

Bakery: Dream Cakes