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I met Courtney through a mutual friend in Boise and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through our photoshoots. She is a professional coach with a lot of varied skills, she also has an amazing skin care line called Sloane Marley (we did a shoot for Sloane Marley in late summer), and she’s starting the brand Lemon Riot.

Most importantly Courtney is just a super caring person. I always enjoy talking with her and really feel supported by her, I can see why she does such a great job for her clients as

I had a lot of fun brainstorming with Courtney for her brand photoshoot. We needed the images to portray a certain feel and we needed them to also work for all of her different brands. I love talking about this stuff and I’m really happy with the concepts that we came up with and the final results from the shoot. We also worked up a custom color profile, and I recently learned that I can deliver lightroom mobile presets to clients, so I’m going to give Courtney this profile to use on the images she takes with her phone for brand consistency.

We started the shoot at Push & Pour in Garden City (I love Push and Pour and the owners, I’ve spent A LOT of hours there talking with friends and pushing keys on my laptop). The light was beautiful in the space, if you scroll down I loved the window light coming in through the garage door and the lens flare and haze I got on some of these shots when I scooted further back into the shop. I like the shot of Courtney through the glass as well.

Next we moved to 8th street behind Camelsback, Hulls Gulch area for the second half of the shoot. I love the colors of the desert during winter, they’re so muted, yet beautiful. I was grateful the sun was out, which gave us some awesome lighting options and thankfully Courtney was up for all things including sitting on the wet ground. Ok, enough rambling, I’ll let the photos do the talking. Huge thanks to Sophie too for her help on this shoot.

Thanks for all of your kindness Courtney and for trusting me to take these photos for you!