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I’m always so excited to see new cafe’s open in Boise. Before I started my business I worked in a cafe in the Portland area, and now (well, pre-covid) I basically use a few different cafe’s in Boise as my office (so I still “work in cafe’s, so needless to say, a good cafe feels like home in all kinds of ways.

I heard about ā café from Robyn Salathe of MA Architect Studio, Robyn is the architect that the cafe owners worked with. Robyn and I met for coffee at the ā café and I was blown away by how beautiful the space was. Simple minimalist design, a garage door open to the street, food and drinks made with quality ingredients and care. I knew I’d be back here a lot.

Robyn also introduced me to Ashley the owner and she felt like someone I’ve always known, she was fun and easy to talk to and was always so kind every time I came in. Fast forward awhile, a lot of cups of coffee, and 3/4ths of a year in a global pandemic, and Ashley mentioned she needed to do a photoshoot, of course I was already all in on that. We did a shoot late in 2020, and after that shoot I designed them a new website, (which we launched today!!! ), and helped implement to-go ordering (using square for restaurants, which I now have mixed reviews of). Two of my highest values are relationships and creating things, so I loved creating and collaborating with the ā café crew to create something beautiful that helps meet their goals. Below is a screen shot of the new website, as well as a collection of the images from our shoot. Thank you Ashley and team for trusting me with this project! Also a shoutout to Broadcast Coffee, the coffee ā café serves, who is about to open a brand new shop in Boise, can’t wait for it to open!