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I met Brandi and Matt a couple of years ago, not too long after I had moved to Boise. I’ve always enjoyed them both, they’re kind and down to earth and both such encouraging and loving people. They own two magazines in town, and I always enjoyed meeting up with them to talk and hearing about what was happening in their businesses and their lives. Then they told me about Lamb Wolf Shack, and asked me if I could do a photoshoot and an e-commerce website for them. I was all in and excited to partner on a project with them.

The tagline of Lamb Wolf Shack is Building a Lifestyle of Love. This fits Brandi and Matt so well, as soon as they told me that I thought it was perfect. Since they’re running an e-commerce store, we went with Shopify for the platform to build their site on. They’re also using Eagle Ridge Apparel a local printer for all of their printing, and Shopify gave us the ability to connect directly to them to send orders over for printing from the site.

For their photoshoot they gathered up 20-ish friends and we went out to the Boise River in Eagle and did a quick and fun shoot, taking photos of the full group of people as well as each person and family group individually. I’ve found businesses more and more liking to do these shoots where we’re able to grab a bunch of content in a short period of time, so Brandi and Matt will have months worth of content to post on their social feeds and we were also able to flesh out the website with custom photos as well. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, but here’s a link to their new site.

I’m so grateful to work with clients that live out of their hearts, and use their businesses to bring their visions into the world, and Brandi and Matt are doing this beautifully with Lamb Wolf Shack.