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I’m trying to get in the habit of showing more of the work I’ve been doing, it’s easy for that to go to the wayside because of being busy getting the work actually done and serving clients, so I’ve got a backlog of projects I need to post.  I was grateful to work on another project with Abbey Louie this summer.  We’ve collaborated on several projects over the last couple of years and I always really enjoy working with her, she’s kind and professional and I think her work is really interesting and profound.  One fun thing for me about my work is that I get to learn so much about what my clients do and get a bit of an inside look at their work.  Abbey is a leadership trainer, coach and speaker and she is extremely knowledgable in her field which is training and equipping leaders.   Throughout the projects we’ve done together I’ve gotten to witness her working with leadership teams in a live setting and I’ve filmed lots of testimonials for her and listened to her clients talk about how her work has changed their lives as leaders, and I can clearly see how good she is at what she does.

This most recent project was filming a program video for The Management Essentials a twelve-week live online program that she’s created specifically for new managers.  In addition to creating a main program overview video for her to use on her website and online platforms I also filmed three testimonials from her program graduates (who each raved about how awesome Abbey and her program are).  We filmed the videos at Studio Boise up on the bench in Boise (which BTW is a great studio in Boise, it’s close to downtown, has easy parking and is run by great people).

The Management Essentials registration closes tomorrow October 19th, if you’re new to leadership take a look at this program and the difference it’s made for others.

Here’s a screenshot from each of the videos, click here to view the videos in use on The Management Essentials website:



Thank you for trusting me on this project Abbey and so great working with you as always!