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Drones are so much fun and such an inspiring and unique way to create content.  I find myself really motivated by the ability to capture basically any angle I want (including straight down!), it’s enabled me to create some truly unique photo and video content and it’s changed the way I go through the process of envisioning photo and video shoots, because now I can not only use my cameras from the ground, but also from the sky.

I do quarterly photoshoots for my client Midtown, and part of my work for them is photo and video work with my drone, which since Midtown is a certain section of Boise, getting drone shots make so much sense, it really showcases the area of Midtown, which includes the Boise River, the Greenbelt, and really close proximity to downtown and also the Boise foothills.  Midtown is in class c controlled airspace, so I am required to get air traffic control approval and to submit flight plans for my work for Midtown, but thankfully technology and apps have made that really easy.  When I got my FAA 107 certification the test said I had to apply for approval 90 days in advance (which is ridiculous and completely unreasonable), so once I got to actually working commercially with my drone, I was thankful that I found a much easier and faster way to get air traffic control approval.

Here’s my most recent drone work for Midtown, we squeezed this shoot in at the last minute before winter hit and the leaves fell.

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