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The thing that gives my work meaning is the people. It’s always been that way, and if I had to guess, I bet it’ll always be that way. Relationships are at the very top of my list of values, and naturally when I picked up a camera and started clicking away, my work naturally focused on people. My hope is always that people can be themselves when I’m taking their picture and that they can see their own beauty. I want the work I create to show people for who they truly are. This is more important than ever in this day and age, we’re all online, making snap judgements based on very little context (i.e. a simple photo), so the message we portray in our photos online is extremely important.

Maybe it’s my own high value on relationships, but I always find myself photographing people full of heart who are bringing such beautiful work into the world. Krista Doubleday is a therapist in Meridian. Other than the exchange of a few emails, my shoot with Krista was my first time meeting her and I experienced her as so kind and caring. I can see why she has found success as a therapist and experienced how comfortable she can make people feel very quickly. The focus of her photo shoot was to take photos of her for her website and online platforms, and also to show her office in Meridian where she meets with clients. Click here to see Krista’s website with these photos in action.

Krista thank you for your kindness and for trusting me to take your photos!