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I’m so excited for my clients Pat and Nick, owners of Flashpoint Building Systems.  They entered into Boise State’s Hacking for Homebuilding challenge and we’re awarded first place last week.  They have an incredibly unique product for the construction industry and I’ve worked together with them this year to create a promotional video that explains what their product is.  This win got Flashpoint published in an article on Forbes, they had a story on KTVB (which used footage from the video we made), and they had several posts featuring Flashpoint on the Boise Venture College Facebook Page.  Click those links to see the articles/stories, and the awesome thing for Flashpoint is that all of this exposure links back to their website which features the video we made.

When I first met up with Pat and Nick at their shop in Garden City and they explained their product to me I was super excited.  I love innovation and creativity, and Pat and Nick had created something no one else had ever done, and even better yet it involved lasers :).  They’ve created a way to laser engrave the blueprint of a home or multi-family unit onto the subfloor, what this does is sets the foundation for the framers, electricians, plumbers and other contractors to come in and clearly see the layout of the home.  This removes the margin of error of contractors doing their own measurements, which can save a lot of money and time on unnecessary mistakes, and it also saves contractors time, because they can walk into a home and see the exact layout and placement for their work.

Nick and Pat mentioned that it was difficult for them to explain their product in a way that made sense to the people listening, so it was crucial for the video to be extremely clear and concise, so I brought in Parker Nash to help write a script for the video to make sure that it spoke to Flashpoints target market and got the message across.

I filmed this video both at Flashpoint’s shop as well as on a home project that was being built using Flashpoint’s product.  I was really grateful to the framers who were so kind and really worked with me when I needed to get a specific shot, and put up with my drone hovering overhead while they worked.  I’m a really curious person and my dad was an electrician so I enjoyed being on the jobsite and watching and documenting the process.

Nick and Pat, thanks for trusting me and working with me on this project and congrats again on the big win, so excited for Flashpoint and to see your guys’ technology and innovation getting put out into the world.