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Books, Things, Podcasts, Etc… That I use, listen to, or that have offered me inspiration in my journey as a business owner.  (some items are affiliate links)


My Favorite notebook

I love digital task management (I use the app things), but it’ll never replace a notebook and pen for me.  These Northbooks notebooks are both beautiful and functional, they lay flat, have simple beautiful design, and I write notes from meetings, random thoughts, and all my daily tasks.  

small business resources

Building a Story Brand

Donald Millers style of writing is easy to both read and comprehend and Storybrand does an excellent job of explaining a framework for telling the story of your business in a way that makes it as easy as possible for people to understand your business and support it.  A great book.



I know Mailchimp is free, but it’s clunky, and once you hit 1000 people on your email list, it’s not free.  For most small business Flodesk is amazing, it’s cheaper than alternatives, easier to use, and allows you to easily create amazing looking emails.  It’s the Squarespace of Email marketing.

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Boise Drone Photographer | Midtown

Drones are so much fun and such an inspiring and unique way to create content.  I find myself really motivated by the ability to capture basically any angle I want (including straight down!), it's enabled me to create some truly unique photo and video content and it's...

Boise Videographer | Flashpoint Building Systems

I'm so excited for my clients Pat and Nick, owners of Flashpoint Building Systems.  They entered into Boise State's Hacking for Homebuilding challenge and we're awarded first place last week.  They have an incredibly unique product for the construction industry and...