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It’s a noisy marketplace

You probably already have a website, and I bet you’re on social media, you have several ways of driving traffic but you’re competing in a noisy marketplace.   To stand out you must communicate more powerfully than everyone else in your market.  Attention spans are shorter than ever, you’ve got two seconds to get your customers attention, how confident are you in how you’re using those seconds?



“Photographer. Videographer. Visual media. Bryan truly knows how to communicate your message and connect it to your specific audience. I have used him for multiple corporate/fundraising events and have always been impressed by his dedication, insight and talent.”

– Danielle Hansen | Salvation Army

How We Grow Your One of a Kind Business Together in 2020

01. target market identification + classiFication

The majority of businesses I talk to don’t have their target market defined.  100% of them don’t have it defined specifically enough. This is a deep dive into the clients you LOVE working with, you’ll come out understanding your target market clearly.  This is a turning point in your marketing messaging and ability to reach the clients you love.

02. Current assessment

30-60 days of establishing what is currently happening for your business.  Traffic analyzing, strategy assessment, figuring out exactly what’s currently going on in your business (spoiler alert, so we can make it even better).

03. Goal identification

Success is different for every business.  This is where we define success, set clear goals, and start building the strategy to get you and your team there.

04. story lines + Integrating core values

All unique businesses have compelling stories, and we are built to love story.  In this phase we’ll define your businesses key story lines and establish your businesses core values.  

05. Produce A visually compelling array of attraction assets

The groundwork is in place, we’ve defined what’s currently happening, set goals, understood who we’re talking to, and figured out what to say.  Now it’s time to produce a library of compelling assets that will speak to your target market. 

06. measurement

Everything is in place for success, now it’s time to implement our strategy, watch the results and adjust as needed to ensure that we meet our goals.

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