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Stanley Idaho Photographer | Sun Valley Magazine Feature

I just received the latest issue of Sun Valley Magazine in the mail, and my client the Stanley Sawtooth Chamber of Commerce ran a beautiful full spread advertisement using one of the photographs I took last February for them of Lisa Granden, a Ski Doo ambassador riding her snowmobile with the beautiful Sawtooths in the background.

I love seeing clients put the work I’ve done for them to good use.  It’s one thing to create some photo or video work that you think is beautiful, and it’s another thing to see how it actually gets used and put into the world.

I love that this image worked so well for this Ad.  It was in a lot of ways a complicated shot to take, it was so cold out (I even had problems with my drone batteries), and the snow combined with the sun was SO BRIGHT!  It actually made my cameras live exposure simulation completely worthless, when I put my camera up to my eye to take this shot at first the viewfinder was nearly completely black and I could only make out faint moving shapes, the snow was so bright that the camera was reading the light incorrectly, so I had to turn that feature off, and go to work on making sure I pulled off this shot.

I’m very happy with the end result, and so happy that it ended up being a really useful image for the Stanley Sawtooth Chamber of Commerce. I’ve included the cover image of Sun Valley Magazine, as well as the original photo that I took for Stanley.  You can see that Sun Valley Magazine’s editors did some photoshopping and photoshopped out the second rider to make the text pop, but they did a great job on it, I was very impressed.

I’m headed back to Stanley again next month for another photoshoot and b-roll video shoot, it’ll be my fourth shoot for them and it’s such a fun project for me, already I cannot wait to get back.

Two snowmobilers riding in the Sawtooth Mountains in the town of Stanley, Idaho.

Two snowmobilers riding in the Sawtooth Mountains in the town of Stanley, Idaho.

Two snowmobilers riding in the Sawtooth Mountains in the town of Stanley, Idaho.

Thank you Stanley for trusting me with these photoshoots, they have been so much fun for me to combine my love for adventure with my love for photography.


Boise Drone Photographer | Midtown

Drones are so much fun and such an inspiring and unique way to create content.  I find myself really motivated by the ability to capture basically any angle I want (including straight down!), it’s enabled me to create some truly unique photo and video content and it’s changed the way I go through the process of envisioning photo and video shoots, because now I can not only use my cameras from the ground, but also from the sky.

I do quarterly photoshoots for my client Midtown, and part of my work for them is photo and video work with my drone, which since Midtown is a certain section of Boise, getting drone shots make so much sense, it really showcases the area of Midtown, which includes the Boise River, the Greenbelt, and really close proximity to downtown and also the Boise foothills.  Midtown is in class c controlled airspace, so I am required to get air traffic control approval and to submit flight plans for my work for Midtown, but thankfully technology and apps have made that really easy.  When I got my FAA 107 certification the test said I had to apply for approval 90 days in advance (which is ridiculous and completely unreasonable), so once I got to actually working commercially with my drone, I was thankful that I found a much easier and faster way to get air traffic control approval.

Here’s my most recent drone work for Midtown, we squeezed this shoot in at the last minute before winter hit and the leaves fell.

Thanks for taking the time to read and for being here.


Boise Videographer | Flashpoint Building Systems

I’m so excited for my clients Pat and Nick, owners of Flashpoint Building Systems.  They entered into Boise State’s Hacking for Homebuilding challenge and we’re awarded first place last week.  They have an incredibly unique product for the construction industry and I’ve worked together with them this year to create a promotional video that explains what their product is.  This win got Flashpoint published in an article on Forbes, they had a story on KTVB (which used footage from the video we made), and they had several posts featuring Flashpoint on the Boise Venture College Facebook Page.  Click those links to see the articles/stories, and the awesome thing for Flashpoint is that all of this exposure links back to their website which features the video we made.

When I first met up with Pat and Nick at their shop in Garden City and they explained their product to me I was super excited.  I love innovation and creativity, and Pat and Nick had created something no one else had ever done, and even better yet it involved lasers :).  They’ve created a way to laser engrave the blueprint of a home or multi-family unit onto the subfloor, what this does is sets the foundation for the framers, electricians, plumbers and other contractors to come in and clearly see the layout of the home.  This removes the margin of error of contractors doing their own measurements, which can save a lot of money and time on unnecessary mistakes, and it also saves contractors time, because they can walk into a home and see the exact layout and placement for their work.

Nick and Pat mentioned that it was difficult for them to explain their product in a way that made sense to the people listening, so it was crucial for the video to be extremely clear and concise, so I brought in Parker Nash to help write a script for the video to make sure that it spoke to Flashpoints target market and got the message across.

I filmed this video both at Flashpoint’s shop as well as on a home project that was being built using Flashpoint’s product.  I was really grateful to the framers who were so kind and really worked with me when I needed to get a specific shot, and put up with my drone hovering overhead while they worked.  I’m a really curious person and my dad was an electrician so I enjoyed being on the jobsite and watching and documenting the process.

Nick and Pat, thanks for trusting me and working with me on this project and congrats again on the big win, so excited for Flashpoint and to see your guys’ technology and innovation getting put out into the world.



Boise Content Marketer | The Management Essentials

I’m trying to get in the habit of showing more of the work I’ve been doing, it’s easy for that to go to the wayside because of being busy getting the work actually done and serving clients, so I’ve got a backlog of projects I need to post.  I was grateful to work on another project with Abbey Louie this summer.  We’ve collaborated on several projects over the last couple of years and I always really enjoy working with her, she’s kind and professional and I think her work is really interesting and profound.  One fun thing for me about my work is that I get to learn so much about what my clients do and get a bit of an inside look at their work.  Abbey is a leadership trainer, coach and speaker and she is extremely knowledgable in her field which is training and equipping leaders.   Throughout the projects we’ve done together I’ve gotten to witness her working with leadership teams in a live setting and I’ve filmed lots of testimonials for her and listened to her clients talk about how her work has changed their lives as leaders, and I can clearly see how good she is at what she does.

This most recent project was filming a program video for The Management Essentials a twelve-week live online program that she’s created specifically for new managers.  In addition to creating a main program overview video for her to use on her website and online platforms I also filmed three testimonials from her program graduates (who each raved about how awesome Abbey and her program are).  We filmed the videos at Studio Boise up on the bench in Boise (which BTW is a great studio in Boise, it’s close to downtown, has easy parking and is run by great people).

The Management Essentials registration closes tomorrow October 19th, if you’re new to leadership take a look at this program and the difference it’s made for others.

Here’s a screenshot from each of the videos, click here to view the videos in use on The Management Essentials website:



Thank you for trusting me on this project Abbey and so great working with you as always!


Boise Photographer | Krista Doubleday Counseling

The thing that gives my work meaning is the people. It’s always been that way, and if I had to guess, I bet it’ll always be that way. Relationships are at the very top of my list of values, and naturally when I picked up a camera and started clicking away, my work naturally focused on people. My hope is always that people can be themselves when I’m taking their picture and that they can see their own beauty. I want the work I create to show people for who they truly are. This is more important than ever in this day and age, we’re all online, making snap judgements based on very little context (i.e. a simple photo), so the message we portray in our photos online is extremely important.

Maybe it’s my own high value on relationships, but I always find myself photographing people full of heart who are bringing such beautiful work into the world. Krista Doubleday is a therapist in Meridian. Other than the exchange of a few emails, my shoot with Krista was my first time meeting her and I experienced her as so kind and caring. I can see why she has found success as a therapist and experienced how comfortable she can make people feel very quickly. The focus of her photo shoot was to take photos of her for her website and online platforms, and also to show her office in Meridian where she meets with clients. Click here to see Krista’s website with these photos in action.

Krista thank you for your kindness and for trusting me to take your photos!


Boise Business Photographer | Lamb Wolf Shack

I met Brandi and Matt a couple of years ago, not too long after I had moved to Boise. I’ve always enjoyed them both, they’re kind and down to earth and both such encouraging and loving people. They own two magazines in town, and I always enjoyed meeting up with them to talk and hearing about what was happening in their businesses and their lives. Then they told me about Lamb Wolf Shack, and asked me if I could do a photoshoot and an e-commerce website for them. I was all in and excited to partner on a project with them.

The tagline of Lamb Wolf Shack is Building a Lifestyle of Love. This fits Brandi and Matt so well, as soon as they told me that I thought it was perfect. Since they’re running an e-commerce store, we went with Shopify for the platform to build their site on. They’re also using Eagle Ridge Apparel a local printer for all of their printing, and Shopify gave us the ability to connect directly to them to send orders over for printing from the site.

For their photoshoot they gathered up 20-ish friends and we went out to the Boise River in Eagle and did a quick and fun shoot, taking photos of the full group of people as well as each person and family group individually. I’ve found businesses more and more liking to do these shoots where we’re able to grab a bunch of content in a short period of time, so Brandi and Matt will have months worth of content to post on their social feeds and we were also able to flesh out the website with custom photos as well. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, but here’s a link to their new site.

I’m so grateful to work with clients that live out of their hearts, and use their businesses to bring their visions into the world, and Brandi and Matt are doing this beautifully with Lamb Wolf Shack.