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Boise Photographer | Krista Doubleday Counseling

The thing that gives my work meaning is the people. It’s always been that way, and if I had to guess, I bet it’ll always be that way. Relationships are at the very top of my list of values, and naturally when I picked up a camera and started clicking away, my work naturally focused on people. My hope is always that people can be themselves when I’m taking their picture and that they can see their own beauty. I want the work I create to show people for who they truly are. This is more important than ever in this day and age, we’re all online, making snap judgements based on very little context (i.e. a simple photo), so the message we portray in our photos online is extremely important.

Maybe it’s my own high value on relationships, but I always find myself photographing people full of heart who are bringing such beautiful work into the world. Krista Doubleday is a therapist in Meridian. Other than the exchange of a few emails, my shoot with Krista was my first time meeting her and I experienced her as so kind and caring. I can see why she has found success as a therapist and experienced how comfortable she can make people feel very quickly. The focus of her photo shoot was to take photos of her for her website and online platforms, and also to show her office in Meridian where she meets with clients. Click here to see Krista’s website with these photos in action.

Krista thank you for your kindness and for trusting me to take your photos!


Boise Business Photographer | Lamb Wolf Shack

I met Brandi and Matt a couple of years ago, not too long after I had moved to Boise. I’ve always enjoyed them both, they’re kind and down to earth and both such encouraging and loving people. They own two magazines in town, and I always enjoyed meeting up with them to talk and hearing about what was happening in their businesses and their lives. Then they told me about Lamb Wolf Shack, and asked me if I could do a photoshoot and an e-commerce website for them. I was all in and excited to partner on a project with them.

The tagline of Lamb Wolf Shack is Building a Lifestyle of Love. This fits Brandi and Matt so well, as soon as they told me that I thought it was perfect. Since they’re running an e-commerce store, we went with Shopify for the platform to build their site on. They’re also using Eagle Ridge Apparel a local printer for all of their printing, and Shopify gave us the ability to connect directly to them to send orders over for printing from the site.

For their photoshoot they gathered up 20-ish friends and we went out to the Boise River in Eagle and did a quick and fun shoot, taking photos of the full group of people as well as each person and family group individually. I’ve found businesses more and more liking to do these shoots where we’re able to grab a bunch of content in a short period of time, so Brandi and Matt will have months worth of content to post on their social feeds and we were also able to flesh out the website with custom photos as well. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, but here’s a link to their new site.

I’m so grateful to work with clients that live out of their hearts, and use their businesses to bring their visions into the world, and Brandi and Matt are doing this beautifully with Lamb Wolf Shack.

Boise Business Photographer | ā café

I’m always so excited to see new cafe’s open in Boise. Before I started my business I worked in a cafe in the Portland area, and now (well, pre-covid) I basically use a few different cafe’s in Boise as my office (so I still “work in cafe’s, so needless to say, a good cafe feels like home in all kinds of ways.

I heard about ā café from Robyn Salathe of MA Architect Studio, Robyn is the architect that the cafe owners worked with. Robyn and I met for coffee at the ā café and I was blown away by how beautiful the space was. Simple minimalist design, a garage door open to the street, food and drinks made with quality ingredients and care. I knew I’d be back here a lot.

Robyn also introduced me to Ashley the owner and she felt like someone I’ve always known, she was fun and easy to talk to and was always so kind every time I came in. Fast forward awhile, a lot of cups of coffee, and 3/4ths of a year in a global pandemic, and Ashley mentioned she needed to do a photoshoot, of course I was already all in on that. We did a shoot late in 2020, and after that shoot I designed them a new website, (which we launched today!!! ), and helped implement to-go ordering (using square for restaurants, which I now have mixed reviews of). Two of my highest values are relationships and creating things, so I loved creating and collaborating with the ā café crew to create something beautiful that helps meet their goals. Below is a screen shot of the new website, as well as a collection of the images from our shoot. Thank you Ashley and team for trusting me with this project! Also a shoutout to Broadcast Coffee, the coffee ā café serves, who is about to open a brand new shop in Boise, can’t wait for it to open!

Boise Video Course Videographer | Abbey Louie

One of my favorite things about my work is all of the awesome people and businesses that I get to meet, work with and get to know. I’m a really curious person and I’m fascinated by and really enjoy people. Talking to them, hearing about their lives, what they care about and how they spend their days. Even if I didn’t have to work to earn a living, you’d still find me wandering around with a camera, talking with people, and documenting the things that are happening (in this case in the Boise community, and wherever else I end up.)

I worked with Abbey Louie on a big content/branding project last year. We actually started right before the pandemic began, and our project schedule got really thrown off by Covid, but together we created a variety of videos for her website including, testimonials, a brand story video, as well as specific product videos.

Abbey is a leadership coach, she has dedicated her career to working with leaders and teams in the workplace. In our project last year I got to document one of Abbey’s sessions with a local Boise business, and it was really fun to watch her work with a team, to see the dynamic of her leading and teaching them and to see her passion for her work. It’s that thing where it’s always fun to watch an expert do what they do.

Abbey contacted me earlier this year about shooting a video course for her business, a five video series dedicated to “The Five Most Common New Manager Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them.” One video is dedicated to each of the five mistakes and I believe this is really valuable material for anyone who is in leadership in the workplace and especially anyone who is new to being a manager. Huge thanks to Talent Spark for letting us film in their beautiful space in Bodo in downtown Boise. Click the link above to get the video series, or click on the image below.

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Abbey thanks for another fun project and trusting me to create these videos with you and congrats on the launching of your new brand, The Management Essentials!


Boise Brand Photographer | Courtney Feider

I met Courtney through a mutual friend in Boise and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through our photoshoots. She is a professional coach with a lot of varied skills, she also has an amazing skin care line called Sloane Marley (we did a shoot for Sloane Marley in late summer), and she’s starting the brand Lemon Riot.

Most importantly Courtney is just a super caring person. I always enjoy talking with her and really feel supported by her, I can see why she does such a great job for her clients as

I had a lot of fun brainstorming with Courtney for her brand photoshoot. We needed the images to portray a certain feel and we needed them to also work for all of her different brands. I love talking about this stuff and I’m really happy with the concepts that we came up with and the final results from the shoot. We also worked up a custom color profile, and I recently learned that I can deliver lightroom mobile presets to clients, so I’m going to give Courtney this profile to use on the images she takes with her phone for brand consistency.

We started the shoot at Push & Pour in Garden City (I love Push and Pour and the owners, I’ve spent A LOT of hours there talking with friends and pushing keys on my laptop). The light was beautiful in the space, if you scroll down I loved the window light coming in through the garage door and the lens flare and haze I got on some of these shots when I scooted further back into the shop. I like the shot of Courtney through the glass as well.

Next we moved to 8th street behind Camelsback, Hulls Gulch area for the second half of the shoot. I love the colors of the desert during winter, they’re so muted, yet beautiful. I was grateful the sun was out, which gave us some awesome lighting options and thankfully Courtney was up for all things including sitting on the wet ground. Ok, enough rambling, I’ll let the photos do the talking. Huge thanks to Sophie too for her help on this shoot.

Thanks for all of your kindness Courtney and for trusting me to take these photos for you!


My First Post From Boise | The Beginning

It’s funny to start over again, after years and years of my last blog, posting multiple times per week for literally years, to start from nothing, is, well, a mixture of things. Mostly I’m excited about it, and also asking myself, “dear goodness why didn’t I start this three years ago when we first moved to Boise and I started to transition my business?” There’s lots of good answers for that, but the biggest one was because I was trying to arrive in a new place, and to understand what that meant. Of course I know that moving is a huge deal in life, but everytime I do it, I’m never prepared for how off things feel, or for how long they feel off.

By now I’ve certainly arrived in Boise, and I love it so much here. Mountain biking from my house, miles upon miles of dirt trails, and I love watching the dramatic light of the high desert as it spotlights it’s way through the Treasure Valley. I’ve come to love the community, it’s a beautiful mix of a city with so much to offer, and yet it’s a small enough city that everyone knows each other.

The reason I’m writing this post is for it to be some sort of foundation or marker. I want to write out what I’ve learned and what my business is about, make a declaration about what I’m offering to the world through my business.

First and foremost, I believe business is simply about service. It is about how you show up in the world and serve others, and that’s really it. Talking “business” can get really complicated, but at the end of the day, it just comes down to what are you offering to people, and is that something people need? If so, you’ve got yourself a business.

Here’s one of my favorite images from my career so far, everything lined up perfectly for this. It was shot on assignment for Oregon Wine Press and was featured on the cover of one of their episodes about the transfer of ownership of Vista Balloon Adventures. I shot this when we lived in Oregon, but built a relationship with the new owner of Vista Balloon Adventures, who was an awesome and fun guy who left his successful corporate banking job for adventure businesses. once I moved to Boise I realized that he had moved to Oregon from here.

My next big commitment is to being myself in business, living with an open heart, and responding from that open heart. I’ve been in business since 2006, and the basis of me becoming self-employed was freedom. That’s what I wanted, and what I still want more than anything else. However, I’ve been through phases, short and long, where my business defined and consumed me. I’m lucky to have an amazing family, that has helped to keep me balanced, but I still have lost and sacrificed myself for my business. It’s not ever worth it. Here’s a photo from Americana Pizza, locally owned and locally awesome. This was photographed for Rivershore Development for their Midtown project.

I want my business to offer something to this wonderful city and it’s people, be an expression of the love and beauty that I experience in this life, and to take amazing care of my family. To me relationships are the best thing in this life, and that’s part of why my work is full of people, being themselves and doing their thing. It has given me so much joy to document people in both photo and video and allow them to be seen and heard. I know from so many years of self-employment, it can be very lonely, people don’t really know what you do all day everyday, and I love that my work can help people be seen, heard and understood. I still love being on shoots and having employees of my clients ask me how they can see the photos and videos, and I can see that they’re excited about them, for them it means something to be documented. Here’s a photo of Chef Jesse from Red Hills Market, using a baguette as a baseball bat and absolutely crushing a sandwich ball out of the park.

For me business is all about collaboration too. Due to the pandemic, I think it’s been said even more than normal, but we are all in this together, and we’re on the same team, even those of us who offer the same services and solve the same problems for our clients, we are stronger together.

Here’s a few more of my favorite pictures from over the years of my career…

Welp, that’s all for now, now I can start doing other posts on top of this. Here’s to living with an open heart in this amazing, wild world. Much love.