Boise Photographer | Jessica Hill Branding Session

It caught me completely off guard when the highly talented and successful Jessica Hill, who is a good friend and a peer photographer in Portland (Yes, she’s my competition, and also my friend, which is a beautiful thing), asked me to help her with a new project, with her moving more into the photographer education/mentor space. I was beyond excited.

I’ve pivoted my career in the last couple of years, and moved from photographing 35+ weddings a year, to doing only a handful, and the rest of my work is educational, and in branding and digital marketing. It has been so much fun for me to learn so many new skills and apply myself to helping small businesses in Boise, Portland and beyond, both with creating photo and video content, and doing graphic and web design, advertising, strategy etc…

This pivot of moving into the photographer educator space, makes complete sense for Jessica, she has so much experience, like a stupid amount, she’s so good at what she does and she’s super successful, she’s managed to build three separate brands including, Jessica Hill Photography, Peekaboo Portland, and A Lovely Day Photography (a brand which she quickly built and sold).

Jessica and I met up in Bend, for a branding session shoot and for me to shoot some video content for her. I’ll let the photos do the talking, but I had a blast in Bend with Jess, and am so excited and grateful to be alongside her through this journey and pivot.

Jessica, thanks so much for hiring me, so excited for the work you’re doing in this industry and I’ve had a blast working with you and continue to continue doing the same.


Have Your Iphone Read You ANYTHING | FASTER FRIDAY

This last weekend I drove from Boise to Colorado for a photoshoot and as I was prepping to embark on a journey that involved 20 hours of driving, and only 36 hours of actually being in Colorado (and I was working for about twelve of those hours), so I started thinking to myself, how do I take advantage of the time in the car?

Yes Podcasts. (click the link for a podcast that has been super inspiring to me).

Yes Music. (click the link for my playlist of songs that make me feel something).

But I wanted more than just those two things, I’m working on so many projects that I’m very excited about so the thought of tossing twenty hours out the window of a moving car, sounded like something I wanted to avoid.

So I had the following thought: “What if my iphone could read to me?”

Followed by: “OMG, I bet it can somehow.”

Followed by some research and then…..

Yep your iPhone can totally do this, and it’s amazing.

Here’s a quick video I made of how to turn these settings on, on your iPhone and how to get your iPhone to read all the stuff you want to read, but do not have time for.

Email me if you have any questions at

Hope everyone is having a great Friday, we’re all in this together.


Portland Photographer | Mini Session Date Added

I’m going to be spending two days shooting mini sessions in Portland, September 14th and 15th. I just added in September 15th as a date, due to several people requesting it. The mini sessions will be at The Hoyt Arboretum a beautiful and convenient location for family photoshoots that gives lots of location variation within a very short distance.

Mini Sessions are great for family photos, engagement photos, photos of you and your homies, photos of your products. The shoots are quick and dirty (but not actually dirty), and mini sessions give a wonderful photo experience, without the pain of longer photoshoots. Especially for families, these shoots work so well, deliver way more family photos than you need, and take less time than a soap opera (how long are those again).